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Nothing is perfect.

Nothing is perfect because perfection is an idea, and an opinion.

everyone has there own version of perfection,

for one person, it is a world at peace.

For another it is a scorched and barren wasteland, void of all life. To them, the only way to live was to purge the imperfection and destroy anything that did not meet their idea of so-called "perfection."

I am not saying that you cannot use the phrase "perfect." I am saying that when someone else rubs your face in the floor because you don't quite meet in the middle, ignore them. Us as humans are imperfect.

Look at this from a different angle.

Step away from the cruelness of humanity and see that somehow Humanity is so stupid. Stupid enough to wage war on itself, to end someone else's idea. An idea that was created because of something that they saw need improving. We can be stupid enough to see other humans die because we wanted to reach the throne first. Because we wanted the last crumb of bread. and because we wanted to win. According to us, winning is being better than another person out there. But even this is not perfect. being better or worse is a matter of opinion as well. Just like when you and your friends argue about which football team is going to the super bowl, we argue about who won the race. Who won the war. Who got from point A to point B first.

Now, taking another step back. Or in, depending on how you look at it.

Everything is an idea. Your conscience exists inside your brain. You can see these pixels on your computer screen or handheld device lighting up, and the light being absorbed into your eye. Or can you? How do you know? you don't. and you can't. Sight is a sense. Just like taste. And Data from your many senses is a small elecerical pulse, rocketing around your nervous system all the way to your brain. Or at least that is what you think. Anything you "know" is a theory. Because you are your brain. Not your body. You are not How buff you are or how skinny you are. You are a brain. This brain is in a box. and it is telling itself that there is a world outside of the box. It cannot be sure though, because the only way that it knows that there may be something out there is from listening to the gossip oof all the nerves in your body. But is this gossip true?


Thanks for bearing to read my ramblings.

Please take a moment to ponder this.





Chase S.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I enjoy creating Tribal art and digital designs, as well as producing photography and animation.


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MetalManII Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I will post art soon! just after I get a good avatar pic and get some stuff sorted! thanks!